Hausenbrook Dobermans

Welcome to Hausenbrook Dobermans!   


Welcome to Hausenbrook Dobermans! Also visit us on Facebook for current pictures and news. 

I grew up in a home that always had at least one dog. My parents started their married life with purchasing a German Shepherd and things just grew from there. By the time I was 5 I had been playing with our first litter of pups and in the next year Shetland Sheepdogs were added to the family.

My mother was the handler and breeder, while Dad became involved in obedience. My parents were founding members of the Crocus Kennel Club. When other little girls went to Brownies, I was at obedience classes. The only days I got to stay home from school were when a litter was due, I remember sitting next to the whelping box saying, “Wait till Mom gets home.”

Eventually Shelties were the only breed and I missed having a larger dog, so I asked if I could get a large dog. My parents said yes, but I could see that look on their faces, “Oh no! she wants a Newfie”. They were very pleased and relieved when I said I wanted a dobe.  As my parents were well acquainted with Fred Heal the requirement was it had to be out of his lines. Thankfully Peter Lapointe of Dark Lord Kennels was in our area and agreed to sell a 16 year old girl her first Doberman. Unfortunately Lady was undershot,  I did get her litter mate sister Bria, but she died of cardio at age 4.

Life took some changes and I was out of dogs for many years until becoming established. Now my life is centered around the dogs! My thanks to Carolyn Scrovitch for producing my beautiful Grace, who was the foundation for Hausenbrook Dobermans. We are located 15 minutes North West of Barrie, Ontario.

I was raised by parents who were active kennel club members and have followed their example. I am an active member of the Barrie Kennel club. Currently I am the  President of the Greater Mid-Ontario Doberman Fanciers (  

We do not breed Albino (white) or King/Warlock dobermans, nor support this practice in any fashion.

We believe in our right to chose to crop, dock and remove dewclaws. Learn the truth about these procedures and please support the K9 Alliance.