Christmas 2011 Christmas 2011 wow, what ya got Mom? 145700016 hmm, lots of stuff! 145700017 hey, let me look 145700018 next? 145700019 cookies? yahoo! 145700020 more cookies, this is great! 145700021 what's that? 145700022 nice card, anything else in the box? 145700023 me help? 145700024 no Gramma, I won't let you see it, it's mine! 145700025 mine, this bone is mine 145700026 Rex claims the stuffy 145700027 nope, its mine Mommy 145700028 he he, I don't think they know I have something 145700029 hey Mom, I can help you 145700030 fun game! 145700031 I like it 145700032 Abba playing Vanna White, look at what we got! 145700034 Anna still off hiding with her new toy 145700035 Rex is a very tired boy! Christmas is exhausting. 145700036 Grace loves to play tug, Uncle Jim was being kept busy. 145700038