The Crew The Crew the Grace will search anywhere for her ball 13851924 They don't dissolve Rex and Grace in the lake 13851925 Max Max as a baby, first time in the grass 13851926 Basket of Babies 2008 litter, just a few days old 13851927 Anna won't go in Anna refuses to get wet even though her mother and brother don't mind at all. 13851928 Dex At the time he was called Van because he was born in my van. Such a sweet boy! 13851946 Birthday Grace with her first litter, notice this is before tail docking. 13851947 Playing nice. Grace is happy to play with anyone who will throw her ball. 13851929 Sam & Anna Their first day together in the junior handling ring. 13851930 Puppy play 16306842 What is it? first visit from Aidan, after I had gone with his owner to pick him up. The "kids" weren't sure what he was. 16307002 Abba Abba loves her mom! 47867642 Christmas Rex & Anna's first Christmas- Grace and Vanna sporting their holiday finery. 16306991 Sanction match Abba won the group at the HOLA sanction match, we were in for best in match, but beat by a very cute terrier pup. 47867643 Park play Nothing like getting out for a run at the ball diamond,. 47867644 Abba in action this little girl loves to play fetch! 47867645 I will kill the ball. Like his father, Rex likes to chew on the balls, takes less effort. 47867646 the sibs Rex and Anna together. 47867647 Rex the show dog. Rex and I in the ring at the Ontario County show in June 2009. 47867648 Rex waiting to be examined by the judge. 47867649 Abba in the breed ring. this was Abba's first show, she took Winners Bitch for her first point. 47867650 where is the ball? they lose the ball and I have to find it. 47867651 Moose stacked 53743991 Moose watching the girls what a nice head on this boy! 53743992 zoom zoom Moose racing around the back yard on his first day back 53743993 Bed time the dogs love to hang out in bed, the younger ones all have their own blankies they suck on. 57839224 nice trot Moose moving in the yard, tongue thanks to chasing his sisters 53743994 Grace and her auntie Love ya Auntie Sandra! 57839225 howdy ladies! see, I'm a very handsome boy! 57839226 play date what ya doin' silly girl? 57839227 time for a drink Hey Saph, what are you doing? 57839228 Here comes Santa Rex and Grace love parades, especially when they are in them. 62107716 Look at us! Barrie Kennel club participates in the Elmvale Santa Claus parade. 62107717 126026357 126026358 126026409 126026410