Hausenbrook Dobermans

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I am a member in good standing with the  Canadian Kennel Club and currently serve as the Zone 4A Junior Handling Representative (

I am also a member in good standing with the Doberman Pinscher Club of Canada  (

I am currently a director and Junior Showmanship Coordinator  for the Greater Mid Ontario Doberman Fanciers  (

and I have been an executive member of the Barrie Kennel & Obedience Club since 2005, serving as club secretary, organizing junior handling competitions, participating in all committees and currently instructing puppy obedience classes.  ( 

Please support the right of breeders of dock, crop and remove dew claws, as per breed standards and to promote the health of our dogs and allow them to do the jobs they were meant to do.


Sites that contain information on Dobermans:,

Shopping for supplies for your dog?


Purina has opened a wonderful dog friendly centre at the Harbour Front in Toronto. They have now lauched a web site, that includes an "Ask the vet". Try it out,


One of our owners, Andrew ("father" to Ryder) is now making custom leather collars.

My thanks to Jim and Saundra Fare, Fare Golden Retrievers and Fareway Boarding Kennel, for their friendship, support and help (who else would come and whelp puppies while I was at work?).

Doberman Rescue

Unfortunately there are a number of dobermans who find themselves homeless, due to the large number of back yard breeders producing litters every year with no concern for health or temperament testing, or follow up care on their pups. Owners become overwhelmed with health issues (vet bills) or temperament difficulties, or the home was not a right fit for a doberman. If you are looking for an older doberman, please consider rescue,