Hausenbrook Dobermans

What's new at Hausenbrook?


April 2020- Sky and Kane receive their Bronze Versatility awards from the DPCC 

September 2019- Kane joins Drako and Sky in completing the requirements for his Novice Sprinter title


August 2019- River wins best of breed for her first 3 points, only her second day of showing

June 2019 - Sky completes her Grand Championship

 September 2018- Sky completes her CA (chase ability) title at the Borzoi Club of Canada trials in Alliston. 

September 2018- Busy first weekend, Sky wins Best of Opposite Sex in a booster, gaining 2 grandchampion points and Archer picks up another point towards his championship at the Oakville Kennel Club show, and Sky and Drako both have 2 qualifying runs in their first Sprinter trials.  

April 2019- Kane finishes his grand championship

March 2018- Sky passed the Canine Good Neighbor test at the Pet Expo

November 2017-  It's been a busy month, Drako finished his championship, Luna won 6 points towards her championship and Sky finished her championship with a 3 point Best of Winners at the Caledon Kennel Association show. 

September 2017- Drako is awarded his Chase Ability title, he loves coursing! 

August 2017- We are so proud of our dogs, at the Temperament Test held in conjunction the Doberman National, Luna (co-owned with Sheilah of Garshangan Dobermans), her brother Titan (loved by Mel and Hazel) and the  younger brother Archer (co-owned with Noah & Kate) all passed, adding TT to the end of their names. That makes 4 of Prada's first litter to pass! 

July 2017- Sky, Hausenbrook's Get Off My Cloud (Abba grand daughter) made her debut in the ring picking up 4 points towards her Canadian Championship!  Kane picked up 4 more points towards his Grand Championship, now has 15 of the required 20, with several majors and 2 breed wins. 


March 2017- Archer successfully completes the CGN test at the Scarboro KC show. Kane was select dog for another 2 Grand points. 


November 2016- Kane wins the breed twice in one day at the Credit Valley KC show for a total of 6 Grandchampionship points! 


September 2016- Arya has blessed us with 12 pups! 6 black girls, 1 red girl, 3 black boys and 2 red boys. 


July 2016- It has been a quiet winter and spring but the summer has been busy! Drako (Hausenbrook's Dragonheart) and Kane (Hausenbrook's Put A Spell On U) both passed the temperament test, adding TT to their names. Arya (Hausenbrook's Bangaboomerang) completed her championship, in style with a group 2nd! Kane also finished his championship at our home club show (Barrie Kennel & Obedience Club), with 3 2point wins, and Samantha passed the Canine Good Neighbor test at the show too.  


October 2015- Its been an exciting month at Hausenbrook, Havoc completed his championship, sister Arya earned 4 points at the Belleville KC show, cousin Kane picked up his first point at the Nipissing KC show, and Prada completed her UKC championship. 

September 2015- Samantha passes the Temperament Test hosted by the Barrie Kennel & Obedience Club, adding the TT title to her name. She also earned another point towards her championship. Cousin Havoc currently has 8 points, only 2 more to go! 


Summer 2015- we have been staying home this summer, only doing a few show days locally. In that time Samantha has earned 3 pts towards her championship, Drako has 2 Best Baby Puppy in Group (before 4 months of age) and Prada a group 2 win, the only day she has been in the ring. 

February 14th, 2015- Prada takes a group 4th at the Ontario Breeders Show. 

November 30th, 2014- Prada wins the working group at Caledon Kennel Association show, under Judge Dr Tamas Jakkel, beating over 100 dogs, including several BIS winners! 


October 5th, 2014- Abba and Prada both successfully complete the Temperament Test!


June 1st, 2014-Griffin completes his Canadian Championship, taking Best of Winners at the Aurora Kennel Club show. Many thanks to Thomas Curly for showing Griffin to his full potential that day. 



April 2014- Anna wins her third Best Altered in Show, at almost 7 years old. 


April 2014- Dexter, AKA Hausenbrook's Kisses of Fire goes Reserve winners dog and Best Puppy in Breed at the Victoria County Kennel club show in his first show. He was one of 2 pups pulled out in Puppy Group, coming a close second. Dexter showed extremel well, we are excited to see this boy in the ring again.


March 2014-

Willow passes the Canine Good Neighbor test.  

December 2013- Prada is awarded Select Bitch at the GMDF booster at the Caledon KC show, bringing her grand champion points to 8, she is almost 1/2 way there!

November 2013- its been a busy month, Theia completed her championship at the Georgina KC show, under respected judge Virgina Lyne, on the same day her mother, Anna, won Best in Show Altered, with some stiff competition, also with Ms.Lyne.  Prada competed in her first UKC show. She was awarded 55 points and had 3 competition wins.

October 2013 Theia wins Winners Bitch under breeder judge Michael Gelinas for 1 championship point and Best of Winners under breeder judge Sany Gelinas for another 2 championship points. 

August 2013  Griffin goes Best of Winners for another championship point at the Markham Kennel club show. 

May 2013  Griffin (Hausenbrook's Songs About Rain) passes the Canine Good Citizen test! Congratulations to co-owner Kim, they make a great team! 

April 2013

Willow completes her championship under judge Joan Beech. The next day she takes Select Bitch for her first Grand champion points.


December 2012- Griffin, Hausenbrook's Songs About Rain, takes Best of Winners under judge Martin Doherty for 3 championship points.  

October 2012- Theia,Hausenbrook's Goddess of Rain, wins WinnersBitch both Saturday and Sunday at the Belleville KC show for 3championship points, Co-owner/breeder Handled.

August 2012- Fern finishes her championship at the Markham K.C. show!

August 8, 2012- Prada, Ch. Hausenbrook's Designedtocharm, wins a group 2 under judge Guy Jeavons.  


August 6, 2012- Griffin, Hausenbrook's Songs About Rain wins Best of Breed for 3 points under judge Beverly Capstick at the Barrie Kennel & Obedience Club show.  


March 2012- Nassuau, Bahamas

 Luna wins two Group 1st in the Bahama KC Show!

November 12th- Prada wins Best of Opposite Sex her first time in the ring as a special at the Georgina K.C. show. Fern, the newfie takes Best  of Winners for  2 championship points.


October 27th- Luna is enjoying life in the Carribean. 


October 30, 2010- Prada finishes her championship in style, winning Best of Breed from the bred by class, over specials, at the Trillium KC dog show, under judge Dr. Gerard Penta.

September 11, 2010- Abba passed the Canine Good Neighbor Test today!

August 28th, 2011- Prada takes Winners Bitch 3 days at the Markham dog show for another 3 points.  

August 3rd, 2011- Prada takes Best of Opposite Sex in 2 shows in Owen Sound for 2 more championship points!

July 21st, 2011- Received Prada and Rocket's vWD results today, Prada is clear, yahoo! Rocket is a carrier.  Rocket is our red boy from our spring litter.


July 7th,2011- Best Veteran in Show for Grace! her first  time in the ring in 3 years, she showed like that champion she is, also winning Best of Opposite Sex in breed over much younger girls

June 21, 2011- Welcome Summer! we are very excited about the arrival of summer. 5 Pups are now in their new homes, one more leaving this weekend, Blue collar girl will be here till late October when she is old enough to go to her new home in the Bahamas. Prada will be back in the show ring soon, working on her championship and Grace will be competing in some veterans competitions, she was very excited to be at handling class this week practicing.  

April 25, 2011

 The Easter Bunny brought a surprise! Anna went into labour shortly after 11am and by 5 pm there were 9 puppies in the whelping box, all nursing and doing well.

April 22, 2011

Prada went Best of Winners, Best of Opposite Sex and Best Puppy in Breed today at the Guelph Kennel club show in Fergus, Ontario, under judge Kim Leblanc for her first 2 championship points!


March 2011- Congratulations to Andrew (owner of Ryder) on his new business adventure, making beautiful dog collars. Check them out,

February 26th- Anna went to Chicago to be bred. It was tough to find a hotel that would take dogs, one agreed for one night, on a trial, she was so well behaved they allowed her to stay there another 2 nights. We are very proud of this girl!

December 11, 2010- Prada and Atticus were in their first sanction match today, in Orangeville. Both pups showed well and Atticus won the working group. He was in consideration for Best in Match but had trouble with standing for exam.  If all goes well both will debut in the "real" ring this coming March.

December 5, 2010-Prada getting ready for her first Santa Claus parade, such a trooper and only 4 months old!


December 4, 2010- Grace and Rex both received clearances at the eye clinic today.

October 23, 2010- Anna and Abba both received clearances today at the eye clinic.

August 1, 2010- we are thrilled that Samantha has decided to return to junior handling. She and Anna make an elegant pair.


July 12, 2010- Abba completes her championship by taking Best of Winners, under Judge Doug Windsor, in the pouring rain!


June12, 2010- Abba wins 2 more points towards her championship. Only one more needed.


May 16, 2010- Anna and Rex both pass the Temperament Test!

April 23-25 Fergus, Ontario-

Buddy (the rottie) wins Best of Breed on Saturday, defeating 12 others. Shelby (littermate to Abba) takes Winners Bitch two days for her first 5 points.

April 2010- Easter Weekend- Rex and Anna both pass the Canine Good Neighbor Test, while at the All About Pets Show in Toronto- both were involved in demonstrations for Junior Handling, being used by children they had never met who had no handling experience.  We are so proud of these 2, following in their mother's footsteps.  


January 2010- Errol supervises bath time, in Halifax.

December 6th, 2009- Rex and Grace participate in the Elmvale Santa Claus Parade, with the Barrie Kennel Club.

December 5, 2009- Abba takes Winners Bitch at the Brantford Kennel Club show, under judge Stephen Dainard, for 2 more points.

November 1, 2009- Abba is Winners Bitch at the Trillium Dog Show, under judge Virginia Lynes.  



October 11, 2009- Rex finishes his Championship title at Trout Creek show! Owner/breeder handled the whole way. Anna picks up 2 best of opposite sex, in a 10 dobe entry.

September 2009- Anna finishes her championship. She is the first home bred champion for Hausenbrook kennels since my parents bred under this prefix.  Also completing his title, Fare's Mister CJ, the first home bred champion for Jim & Saundra Fare.


August 2009- Anna goes Reserve Winners Bitch in back to back specialties at the Kilbride Kennel Club show.

May 2009- Anna goes Best of Winners at the Aurora dog show under judge David Marcus, for 3 more points towards her championship.


April 2009, Grace gets her CGN while doing an onstage demonstration at the Toronto All About Pets show.

September 2008, Grace passes the Temperament Test at the GMDF day.

Sam handled Anna beautifully at the Muskoka show in Junior Handling, July 2008.