Hausenbrook Dobermans

Over the Bridge- gone but not forgotten

Hausenbrook's Bindy Belly Dancer, aka Bindy. DOB June 23/08, lost on Oct. 30/09. Bindy was taken far too young, breaking our hearts. Her untimely passing stresses the importance to follow the recommendations of the breeder. No dog, ever, should be walked off leash near a road. I expect all of the dogs coming from Hausenbrook to be leashed when out of a fenced area. Even the best trained dog can become distracted long enough for tragedy to strike.


Rest in peace sweet red collar girl, I can't help but mourn for you.



We are deadly saddened by the lost of Errol, Hausenbrook's Lord of the Dance. His "mother" said he was the perfect dog. Just as you were moving back to Ontario, your heart failed you sweet boy.


2012 has been a rough year. In January Caesar's family made the decision, based on their vets advice, to put him to sleep for possible disc problems. They and I deeply mourn his loss.

February wasn't any better. My beloved Grace passed suddenly, she had recently been diagnosed with an enlarged heart, but we didn't expect her to go so soon. She was perfectly happy and healthy in every other respect. I still can not speak of her without tears taking over.


We are broken hearted to report that Dawn (Hausenbrook's First Light) has gone over the bridge. She got out near the road, was clipped by a car and sustained serious injuries. She was just a few weeks short of her 6th birthday.

The heart break for 2013 wasn't done with Dawn, her sister Keera (Hausenbrook's First Lady Keera) lost her battle with cancer in December. Her mother Tara said she was the best dog ever, she was taken far too soon.


Rex (Ch. Hausenbrook's Resurrection CGN TT) has joined his sister's Dawn and Keera, losing his battle to lymphoma in December 2014. We are devastated to lose this wonderful boy. He won fans every where he went and has left a hole in our hearts.  

Sister Anna (Ch Hausenbrook's Regenesis TT CGN) was taken suddenly by DCM in April 2015. She is sorrily missed by us and my parents whom she sent her retirement years with.

Halloween 2016 was heart breaking, losing Abba (CH. Hausenbrook's Dancing Queen TT CGN). Abba had moved to the "retirement home" with my parents and was a therapy dog,  making multiple visits weekly to nursing homes, spreading cheer to the residents. She didn't know it but she was a service dog too, bringing my father out of his depression. She is terribly missed, but we see so much of her in her grand daughters Sky & River.