Hausenbrook Dobermans- pups available


On August 1, 2019, Sky (GrCh Hausenbrook's Get Off my Cloud NS CGN CA) gave birth to 9 black & rust puppies, sired by Drako (Ch Hausenbrook's Dragonheart TT CA NS). All are  vWD clear, 4 males, 5 females. This is our first line breeding, we are so excited to watch these puppies grow! 

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For those who aren't familiar with canine, it is different from all other animals. Dogs can only conceive when they are "in season" or "in heat". This only happens once of twice a year, breeders are not able to make a bitch come into season, they have to wait. So for that reason we are not able to give exact dates as to when we will have pups, just when we expect to. And we can't not fill "orders", for specific time frames.


This is Prada, at handling class on Mon. Nov. 8/10

Prada and her mother, she loves to play with balls.


At Hausenbrook breeding occurs on a limited basis, usually one litter per year. We are very selective in the homes we allow our pups to join.  Interviews are conducted in person or by phone. Email inquiries are welcome.

All puppies are CKC registered and sold on non-breeding contracts. Show prospects are sold on co-ownerships only. Tails are docked, ears cropped and dew claws removed. Pups are vet checked, microchipped and have their first shot. All Hausenbrook dobes are family and we want to know where they are and how they are doing. Breeder support is supplied for the life of the pup.

They start out so small,  but grow up so fast.

Pups are full of energy!


Puppy Questionaire

1. Why are you interested in being owned by a Doberman? Have you owned a doberman before? Previous dog experience?


2. How did you hear about us?


3. Please provide your full name, location and phone number?


4. If you are not old enough to sign a legal contract, stop here.

5. Do you rent or own? How long? If you rent, written consent from you landlord that it's okay  to have a Doberman is necessary. If in a condo, please check rules about dog restrictions.

6. Do you have a fenced in back yard? Size? I do not approve of "invisible fences", although they keep your dog on your property (usually), they don't protect your dog from other animals coming on your property.


7.Who will be home during the day to take care of a puppy? How long will the pup be alone? How much time do you have to train and socialize a pup? Will you go to obedience classes?

8. Are you prepared to take advice on the care and feeding of a pup?

9.Do you want a pet, working prospect or a show dog? Do you want to breed and why?

10. Do you have a preference for the sex and colour of the pup?

11. Are you willing to let me pick the right dog for you and your family? If not, we are  not the right breeder for you- after raising a litter for 8 weeks, we know the temperaments of each pup and place them in the home with the best fit.

12.What other animals do you have and there sex for the best possible match? Males will not be placed in homes that have other males.

13. Tell me your family structure (who lives in the house and ages of any children)

14. Who is or going to be your vet? May I contact them?


15. Have you ever returned a dog to a breeder? What was the reason.

Please email your responses to