Hausenbrook Dobermans

Welcome to Junior Handling in  Zone 4A!

this page is out dated, I am no longer actively involved with Junior handling, although I am always happy to assist young exhibitors. I am currently serving my second term on the CKC Conformation Council.



My "adventures" in junior handling started after joining my local kennel club. It was felt that putting a school teacher in charge of the clubs junior handling competitions was a good idea. Then the same happened in my Doberman club.  Little did I know this would lead me to being the Junior handling Representative for the CKC Zone I live in. Being involved with juniors takes dedication, requires fund raising (not my strength but I'm getting better), and a sense of  humour. I am enjoying this experience, meeting some great young handlers and developing friendships that I hope will last for many year. This page is dedicated to the Junior Handlers in my zone.

 Congratuations to Brittany Carella, not only is she the two time Zone 4A winner but in December 2009 she won the Canadian National Junior Handling competition in Brantford, ON.

Many thanks to the judges Shirley Bell, Edgar Rojas, David Swartwood.

Congratulations to Kassy McCartney, the winner of the 2009 Zone 4A finals, held Saturday, July 31st at the Barrie Kennel & Obedience Kennel Club show in Orillia. Kassy will be heading to Calgary in December to compete in the Nationals.


Reserve Winner Kelly Hatt


Many thanks to the judges Brittany Carella, Cheryl Pike, Peter Lavanthall.


The 2010 Finals were hosted by the Aurora Kennel Club at the end of May. Congratulations to Nikki Austin, this years winner and candidate for the Nationals. Good luck in Winnipeg in August!

Congrats to our 2011 Zone winner, Kelly Hatt. She will represent Zone 4A at the Nationals in August 2012 at the Barrie KC Show.